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Mangyan was the first settlers of Barangay Maliancog, it was then when the area has no roads connecting to national highway and was being reach by the first Mangyan settlers.

 In the year 1922, Antonio Palustre was the settlement first Teniente del Barrio and his term ended in 1928. After his term Benito Madrigal followed and during his term, roads and elementary school were constructed with the help of Luciano Abante. While Macario Manahan followed from 1939 to 1945.

During the liberation in 1946, Maliancog was formerly part of Barangay Quinabigan then it was subdivided into two barangays, Maliancog I and Maliancog II. Luciano Abante was elected Teniente del Barrio at Maliancog I while Tomas Roldan for Maliancog II. In 1952, Jose Madrigal became Teniente del Barrio and was succeeded by Nicanor Rey in 1958 to 1964. He was succeeded by Leopoldo Manahan in 1970 to 1976. Ignacio Madrigal succeeded him. In 1982, he was succeeded by Erwin Regencia followed by Jesus Pedernal in the election held in 1989.

 In the year 1994, he was succeeded by Beinvenido Herrera as Punong Barangay he was re-elected in 1997 and again in 2002 election. During his term several barangay facilities were constructed such as Multi-Purpose Hall, Health Center, Barangay Tanod Headquarters, barangay boundary markers between Pambisan Munti and Pambisan Malaki, waiting sheds, stage, deep well and several jetmatic pumps.

Three barangay roads were also opened and concreting of Provincial Road connecting Pambisan Munti was started and completed in 2002.  Also several barangay roads were concreted in sitios Lucban, Langka and Rambutan. In the year 2000, another significant project (electrification of Barangay Maliancog) was started and was completed in January 2001.


In the election held in 2007, Elpedio M. Panganiban, Jr. won the barangay election. Several projects were completed during his term such as: concreting roadway at sitio Rambutan, Construction of Open Canal at sitio Langka, Barangay Hall Fence, Stage, player bench, Day Care center phase I and II and started the concreting of Sitio Sinturisan barangay road. Additional streetlights were also installed at sitio Lucban. 


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